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The Effective Manager

I generally shy away from management books for they tend to put me to sleep.  For a new manager or any manager who would appreciate some management tips, Work Happy by Jill Geisler is a one of those rare management books well worth having a look at.  If you are short on time, simply peruse the chapter headings to decide on the segments that interest you.   Even the headings are quite illuminating.

I have always believed that to be a good manager it was important to know yourself well and to be willing to face up to the good, the bad and yes the ugly aspects of your personality.  Looking into the mirror and glaring at the blemishes is surely a bold thing to do.  So, the chapter, Manage Yourself, So You Can Lead Others is a good one.  Can you face up to your weaknesses and work on them?  Are you able to see things as others do? Or, as a manager do you know that you are always on view as if in a glass fishbowl?  So, keep in mind your staff will not be very forgiving of your bad mood or bad hair day.

I must say that the very last chapter says it all.  Giesler, writes in the title of this chapter (15), For Great Bosses, It’s Always About Values.” She focuses on the values of integrity, humanity and levity.  With “levity”, we must not forget to have fun.  Lastly, what will be your  legacy as a leader and how would you like to be remembered?

To me, it’s all about the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”