Job Search Tips for the 50+ Crowd

Job Interview

I recently viewed a webinar called, “5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimina​tion in Your Job Search” which was publicized in a LinkedIn group called, Jobs, Career Coaches and HR ” Interns Over 40.  With the exception of the heavy-duty sales pitch at its conclusion, the speaker, Carl Chapman offered some powerful job search tips for the older job seeker.

As most job seekers ought to know by now, a resume should be viewed as a marketing piece.  Job skills, tasks, and responsibilities should be expressed in terms of accomplishments.  In that we mean, dollars and cents.  Simply saying that you “were responsible for” preparing monthly financials or the annual budget is no longer deemed effective.

Imagine being a hiring manager.  You want to know why he/she should hire you.  If you said that as the finance manager you saved the company $1,000,000 or as a sales manager you increased sales 20%, wouldn’t those statements be more impactful than stating “you were responsible for…”

At a job interview, appear enthusiastic and energetic – have a “spring” to you step, said Chapman.  If you exercise on a regular basis, it’s bound to show.  if the interviewer asks what you did over the weekend, please don’t sound like a couch potato.  Avoid saying you were knitting, crocheting, or watching sports.  You don’t want to appear sedentary.  In other words, you should project a youthful image.

When interviewed, be sure to convey what you can do for the company.  Discuss what you bring to the table. Chapman suggested sharing what you plan on accomplishing over 30,60 or 90 days if hired.  It’s an interesting strategy that could be a bit too bold, I’m afraid.  However, a toned down version could prove to be effective.

Give the interviewer the impression you’re open to change. If you know you will be working for someone younger, let them know you’re coachable and are open to constructive criticism.  If necessary, work with a career coach or engage in role playing exercises with someone younger than you are.

Ask questions about the company and the industry.  Seek out the interviewer’s opinion.  A little bit of flattery might not hurt.

To counter the assumption that older workers are not tech-savvy, be sure to maintain an active presence online.   So, join groups and submit postings in groups or post updates in LinkedIn.  Lastly, take the time to keep current.


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