Jobs at Non-Profit Organizations

Everyone who has looked for a job within the last few years is certainly well aware how competitive and tight the job market has been. Plus, I continue to hear about the huge numbers of people applying for each posting.  The applicants tend to be highly over-qualified whatever the job as well.

Somewhat intuitively, I have been suggesting to people  that they might have a look at positions at non-profit organizations.  In my opinion (and I could be wrong), job seekers overlook such opportunities.  Why?The salaries tend to be less than what you would find in the corporate world.  So, fewer people are apt to apply which leads to less competition. So, if you’re growing tired of searching, this avenue might get you back to work sooner.

At least two people I have met within the last year, decided to follow my suggestion and it worked. One person landed an accounting position within a few weeks of searching and the other  became a director of marketing and development for a prestigious health care organization.  For both, it was well worth the effort of exploring something different.

To find jobs in the non-profit sector, check out some online job boards specifically for non-profits.  In Colorado, it is my understanding that most positions are posted on the Colorado NonProfit Association website. is a nationwide site that maintains listings of volunteer opportunities  as well paid positions. One other nationwide site worth trying is  To find other job boards in your region or state, simply use the keywords, non-profit jobs plus a geographic location.

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