Haven’t Looked for a Job in a Long Time? Things to do!

If you haven’t been active in the job market in a long time, you may need to get reacquainted.  Resume conventions and styles change.  Is a summary of qualifications “in”?  Or, how many years of experience should be revealed?  Or, should a resume be limited to one page?

How do you get those answers?  Talk to recruiters, career coaches or counselors, or of course, have a look at a recently published book for job seekers.  Career support groups and workforce centers are excellent options as well. 

Don’t forget Linkedin.  If you do not have a profile on Linkedin, be sure to create one.  HR managers may use it as an indicator of how savvy you are with technology or how “with-it you are.  No one is going to want to consider a candidate who appears  like a dinosaur.

Another reason to join Linkedin is to also join some groups.  You will find professional groups (finance, project management, marketing, etc) plus there are groups for job seekers.  All the groups maintain their own discussion boards and they are great forums to exchange information. 

In addition to open discussions, you will also find job postings on group pages that you may not see anywhere else.

Get onboard!




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