QR Codes and Small Business

With the growth in the use of smartphones among consumers, funny looking barcodes seem to be cropping up all over the place.  What am I referring to?  QR Codes also known as quick response codes.  Instead of a horizontal string of black bars, a QR code looks like a randomly placed bunch of boxes that form a  a square.

Find QR codes on product packaging, advertisements in newspapers, in-store displays, posters and signs.  Consumers will be directed to web sites, email addresses, and yes, cooking recipes.

Android, blackberry and IPhones are all able to read these codes with downloadable apps. Businesses and other entities in the nonprofit world are using them to attract attention with customers, patrons, donors, etc.

An article in The Wall Street Journal, Small Retailers Take Advantage of Smart Phone Boom, cites a coffee shop that is using QR codes to direct customers to their menu.  Busy people on the go can scan the QR code on its ads on trains in Vancouver, BC before ordering their morning coffee and breakfast roll. By the time, they reach the cafe, voila, their order is read to go!

With so many different channels of communications available today, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowded market place.   So, market your business in unique and creative ways to be noticed.

Your local library has all sorts of books about the latest marketing tools.  Just check’em out!


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