Making a Career Transition

Whether you are feeling stale about a career of many years or you are out of work looking for a job in the same career, you may be thinking of a change.

Ideally, the best option is to try to salvage what you can from your existing career.  Figure out what elements of your skill base might fit another profession.  It may not be the daunting task that it seems.   One way to start is to peruse some career profiles to find out the requirements in terms of education, skills, and responsibilites involved.  One great place to find information like that is CareerOneStop, a free web site managed by the U.S. Department of Labor. 

CareerOneStop should be a “must” web site to explore.  In addition to career profiles, you can identify the fastest growing occupations, the ones with the most openings in your geographic area, salary estimates and more.

Another strategy may be to undergo career assessment tests.  You can attempt it yourself by completing simply surveys you can find in a book or website.  Or, tests such as Myers-Briggs are available through career coaches and even workforce centers.   CareerOneStop provides information about career assessment testing and resources.

Once you decide on a new career, do seek out information interviews.  You can easily find people to talk to by conducting an advanced search in Linkedin.  Choose keywords, a job title, a company and or a geographic area and some great contacts should be out.  When you initiate a connection, tell them you just would like a few minutes of their time.  Have your questions written down in advance.  Inquire about the ease of entry, the amount of turnover, salary, skill, education and experience requirements.  Ask away.  Chances are you will gain some great insights.  Be sure to say you want to hear the truth.

Don’t forget about the books.  There are lots available . Your local library can assist you with a search.  Here is one that I like, The Career Coward’s Guide to Changing Careers by Katy Piotrowski.  But, certainly there are more out there.


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