ESRI Offers Free Market Research

Could you use demographic information or spending habit data about existing or potential customers?  Large companies have had easy access to this information for decades.  ESRI is a premier company that offers demographic and lifestyle data linked to a GIS mapping system.

Your local public library might have a simplified version (that would otherwise cost you lots of money) through Civic Technologies called BusinessDecision.  Residents of Colorado are fortunate in that there are several libraries in the State including my library, Arapahoe Library District to subscribe to this service.

However, ESRI recently announced in their quarterly bulletin, that they have a free app called BIOS for iOS you can use on an iPhone or iPad.  Without an expensive subscription you can assess any area in the United States on the fly. Obtain market and and demographic analysis at an instant.  Do you want to know whether your neighborhood has lots of teens or seniors perhaps? Do they have lots of disposable income? Are they spending lots of money for computers and tech equipment?  Etc. 

For more information, check out,


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