Prepare Yourself For a Job Interview

Given how competitive the job market is today, one shouldn’t take the prospect of an interview lightly.  Pretend you are preparing for a final exam in school but there is no need to panic. By giving some thought to  the questions you may be asked and learning something about your potential employer, your chances of acing the interview will surely increase.

Luckily, there are great places to search for interview questions. You can look for books in your local public library and of course there is the Internet.  Although librarians like me might be expected to favor books, this time I would have to say, the Net is probably better.  When you search Google or any other search engine of your choice, you can combine the keywords, “job interview questions” with the specifc type of job for which you have applied such as customer service, sales, etc.  You will likely find questions you can expect at your interview.

Behavioral questions are quite popular these days and such questions are the ones that candidates tend to dread the most. So, you will need to feel comfortable with questions beginning with, “Tell me a time when…” or “Tell me how you dealt with this situation…”. Suppose  you are asked, “why should I hire you” or “tell me about yourself”.  Know what you would say in advance. With enough time to prepare for such questions, you shouldn’t be caught with nothing to say.

Don’t simply read some questions with their paired responses.  Go one step further. Get a friend, former co-worker, or relative to conduct a mock interview with you.  If possible, find an appropriate place such as a  study room at your public library to match the atmosphere of the interview.

The mock interviewer should take notes as if it were the real thing.  At the conclusion, the interviewer should constructively critique your answers.   If you’re brave, consider recording the dialogue on video so that you can even critique yourself.  Don’t forget to be conscious of your body language including eye contact.  It could make or break a deal.

Lastly, do make a point to do some research about the company.  Is it a place where you truly want to work?  During the course of the interview, it’s good to show you know something about the company. Why not ask some questions based on what you learned.  So, go ahead and inquire about the reorganization or new acquisition you read about online or in the newspaper?  Above all, don’t forget that you can tactfully be interviewing them while they’re are interviewing you.

By the way, in addition to search engine searches,one place to obtain some “dirt” about the company as well as feedback information with regard to interviews at that company, is on the web site,


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