Great Business Ideas

Do you ever think about what is it about a great business idea that makes it so great?  Or, do you ever say to yourself, “if only I had thought of that.”  I just read a wonderful article in Inc., called, “The Demand Economy” that in my opinion sums it all up.  I certainly recommend reading it. 

In the old days, you could build it, and they (the consumer, that is) would come.  If you are old enough to remember the famous “pet rock”, a courageous entrepreneur took an ordinary fist-sized rock you could pick up from the ground just about anywhere and packaged it as a very special gift.  It may have been the biggest joke, but it was certainly the rage.  The point is that this brainchild created the demand for something as silly as a rock packaged in a very nice gift box.  I doubt something like that could be half as successful again.

So, Leigh Buchanan in this article, says you need to be thinking about major economic trends, demographics and even, psychographics (or consumer buying habits).  You have to look at the big picture.    According to the points made here, you need to be thinking about  difficult and yet unsolved problems consumers are facing today creating innovative solutions. 

A half -dozen categories are cited in the article from issues relating to an aging population to alternative transportation.  Think about housing for the elderly, transportation, healthcare.    With regard to alternative transportation, the need for storage facilities for bicycles is mentioned.

So, just put on your thinking cap and think about the big issues our society needs to address today.  Is there a hidden need you can solve or address?   Perhaps you have some job skills you can put to better use.

Americans are noted for their ingenuity.  Just go for it!


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