Looking for a Job in a New Field or Industry

Burned out in your present field or industry?  Maybe it’s time to make a change.  No matter the job market, it might not be easy but the rewards could be great. A fresh start with a clean slate can be uplifting, if you’re ready for the challenge.

You will need to figure out if your skills are translatable.  Do you have to learn new skills?  Will you need to return to school?  It may not be  a bad idea to arrange  some informational interviews.  Talking to people in the field or industry you may be interested in can help you decide if it’s worth pursuing.  LinkedIn is a great networking tool to use to help you network to find people to give you the straight scoop. Another possibility would be to contact professional associations.

Inquire about ease of entry, job prospects (of course), and if you are 45+, age issues (as if anyone would dare to be candid).  You may have to consider relocating.  Opportunities could be greater in other cities or regions.

Of course, do use your local public library to research companies and industries resources  At Arapahoe Library District, we have tools such  as ReferenceUSA, Business Source Premier, and Business and Company Resource Center.  Don’t forget to read the newspapers, both local and national.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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