Not finding work & thinking about going to school?

During an economic downturn, it’s not uncommon for discouraged job seekers to return to school for further education. If you are truly interested in changing careers or you think you could really benefit from additional training or education, go for it.  Otherwise it could be what I call the job search deferment. 

As everyone knows, school tuition isn’t cheap.  If you are going to school simply for enrichment, enjoy it.  If you are doing it for the potential of improving your job prospects, do some research to validate this hyp0thesis.  Talk to people in your field to find out if it will benefit you.   School admissions counselors are generally interested in boosting enrollment, so their opinions could be biased.

If you are not sure how serious you are?  See if you can audit a class.  Alternatively, take a class at a community college. Their tuitions tend to be more afforable than other alternatives.

If you are contemplating a career change, try getting a part-time job or volunteering in that area you wish to pursue. In that way, you can avoid spending time and money on a program you’re not sure about.


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