Are you marketing business services such as legal, accounting or insurance?

When I’m out talking to business people at chamber networking events, people marketing business services such as legal, accounting or insurance will often ask how they can identify new businesses.  Starting a new business can be overwhelming especially as a neophyte and new owners usually need lots of help and expertise. 

As an accountant, lawyer or insurance agent,  it might be easier to recruit a new business than an existing one where professional services are already in place.  The problem is finding that information. Within state government,the secretary of state’s office collects all sorts of business filings including that of new businesses.  In Colorado, you can obtain that information but you will have to sift through all the filings which won’t be a minor task even on a monthly basis.  Plus, it costs money.

But, there is a free way to get information about new business formation if you are luck enough to know of a public library that offers that service.  Arapahoe Library District  has licensed the new business module from ReferenceUSA and you can search for records within whatever time frame you need, 30 days, 60 day, etc.    (To access ReferenceUSA through Arapahoe Library District when not at the library, you will have to have a library card with us).  So, do check out your local public library.

One more note.  Tapping new businesses may be worthwhile targets for other professionals.  Think about it.   New businesses may need computer network solutions, telephones, electrical services, building contractors, advertising and promotional materials, etc.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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