Write an Effective Resume

When you write a resume, keep in mind that your goal is to sell yourself .  So, do regard it as a marketing brochure.   A recruiter or HR manager reviewing lots of candidates  may only have seconds to give your piece a “yes” or  “no”.  The message should be clear and succinct.   It should be focused and directed at the skills and requirements for the job.

Express the job you want in an “Objective” statement at the top.  Some people may disagree.  Otherwise, the reader may have to guess what you are seeking or how you might fit into the organization.  That’s not a good idea in my opinion.

Do sell yourself for the job you are applying for. Wordprocessing software makes it easy to tailor a resume for a specific job.   Particularly when you are applying for a job online, make sure you include the same or similar words that are presented in the requirements for the job.   In that way, your likelihood of being selected in the initial round, should be increased.

It’s important to emphasize your relevant accomplishments and if you can, mention cost savings, efficiencies, benefits, etc. Discussing how you had a positive impact on the “bottom line” is a good thing.   

Use action verbs and vary them. When using electronic templates such as Optimal Resume or Career Transitions (available at Arapahoe Library District by the way),  they have built in tools to help you with the selection of verbs.  Otherwise,  a thesaurus will work just fine.

It should not be too lengthy especially, when a reviewer may not have the time to spend.  Provide work experience going back no more than 10 years.  Other experience and accomplishments can be summarized.  A one page resume is recommended.

Lastly, omit references.  Your key contacts can be provided later.  It’s a good idea to notify your references when you know they may be called.  In that way, you can brief them about the job for which you are being considered.   Plus, you may want to select different references for different jobs based on their knowledge about you.

Above all, don’t be hasty in crafting a resume for it represents what a prospective employer will initially perceive about you.  Spend some time editing and re-editing. Allow others to objectively review it. Otherwise, you may not get beyond first base.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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