While Your Waiting for Your Next Employer to Come to You….. Try Going to Them

You may be answering job postings online, attending networking events, and reading the newspapers for clues on who maybe hiring.  There  is one more thing you can do that most people don’t like to do. It’s about knocking on doors. 

No, you don’t have to necessarily hit the pavement and literally knock on doors.  You can send out emails and/or make phone calls.

Most people lack the nerve to pick up the phone and dial a stranger.  It takes guts but it can yield results.  The person on the other end of the phone will know you are brave and daring.  Thus, they are unlikely to hang up or be rude or nasty because they know it’s a tough thing to do.

When you call, identify a peer or someone a level above you. Ask them for suggestions or if they know of anyone who may be hiring.  But, above all, do not ask them if they have a job opening.  Invariably, they will think of their own company anyway.  If they need time to think of some possibly leads, ask if you can follow up in a few days.

You never know what may come of this approach.  You may identify some contract work to tide you over or at the very least, you may gain a new ally along the way.

Need to find some companies and contacts to call?  Try ReferenceUSA.  It’s probably available @ your library.  Most libraries in the Denver Metro area license this online resource and can be used by their library cardholders.  Check out www.arapahoelibraries.org and click on research databases to find ReferenceUSA.

Alternatively, you may be able to find contacts through Linkedin. You can use the advanced search feature to look up staff  by company. 

It may be a challenge at first, but I sincerely doubt anyone would  slam the phone in your ear.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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  1. Suzanne – great advice and well written! There is a new paradigm in the job-seeking/career move world. You are spot on that people may be a little uncomfortable in calling strangers but this new process requires that you be able to MARKET yourself (your skill set/talents) to potential employers and NETWORK with anyone and everyone. The ‘shame’ associated with being unemployed/underemployed is a thing of the past – letting everyone you encounter know your situation and your intentions (to find employment) quickly builds you a network of people willing to help where they can. This could be a referral or an introduction or just a tip on who next to contact.

    At ReferenceUSA we committed time and resources in 2009 to working with public libraries and their patrons on creating marketing and networking strategies to find jobs. We were elated to hear back from people who acheived success through this process. We are going to carry that initiative into the new year.

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for your response. In my past life when i worked in the corporate world as a corporate treasury professional, most jobs were never advertised. I learned early that I was going to have to knock on doors. No one every slammed the door in my face. But, it still wasn’t easy.

      The positive aspect of searching fora job in this economy, everyone knows the job market is tight, so, the shame is gone.

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