Looking for a Job? Why not try something new!

If you’ve been looking for a  job for awhile, what a better time to try something new than now!  No luck in 2009?  2010 is bound to be better but how about  trying some new.

Haven’t tried LinkedIn yet?  Try it.  Find former co-workers, friends, old classmates who may help you network.  Find leads for jobs that might never get posted on the big job boards.  If you create an appealing profile, a company make actually find you and track you down for that dream job.

Twitter is another online tool to explore.  All you have to do is input the type of job you are seeking in the search box.   You might just hit the jackpot.

Craigslist is not just for items to buy.  Search results tend to be a little more eclectic but certainly worth exploring.  I met a woman recently who picked up some interesting part-time or freelance positions she was able to do from home. If the latter interests you, click on part-time or etc. when in the “jobs” category.

Try a job seekers support group.  The ones’ I know about have facilitators who steer the discussion in a positive manner. So, don’t assume it’s a place to go and feel sorry about yourself.  Participants are encouraged to help each other with leads and job search suggestions.  If you live in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, give the Art of Networking a try.  You will find a group in Linkedin by that name.  On that note, Linkedin has a group called, Jobs in Colorado.  You will find lots of discussions and the membership is huge.

Why not make some changes to your resume?  It doesn’t have to be major.  Perhaps it could use some fine tuning.  Before you do, have someone objective have a look at it.  Need some help with your resume? Your local library has books and online resources to assist you.

As I have mentioned in previous postings,  the public library has lots to offer in the way of books, online resources and yes, programs.  In the south metro area of Denver, Arapahoe Library District has lots to offer.  It has a career center, workshops, online resources, lots of books, of course.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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