Free Online Tools for Small Business

I just glanced at an article in the business section of today’s  New York Times online (December 15th) entitled, The Help Is Free, and It’s a Click Away by Paul Brown. In his opening statement, Brown commented about the appeal of the word, “free.” I only had to smile to myself for it certainly caught my attention.  Yes, that word can be such a magnet.

Anyway, the article suggests some wonderful sites such as Small Business Administration (SBA), Inc Magazine, and Entrpreneur magazine, all of which offer some really useful tools.  I have to say that surprisingly enough, the business web sites hosted by the Feds contain some fabulous guides and tutorials.  You might also try,“The Official Link to the U.S.) .  It’s another good one as well.

One web site with free tools that was new to me was called, Small Business CEO and it’s well worth a visit.  Although access to some of the free tools may be free, in some cases, registration is  required. Be careful. Where registration is required you might be bombarded with  sales pitches via email. 

You will find all kinds of free forms and templates.  I even found a link to a free version of Quickbooks.  Undoubtedly, it’s a simplified version of the “real” thing but if you are starting a new business, it could be a great place to start.

So much for what is “free.”  Hopefully, you will have nothing to lose.


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