Looking for a job? Have you been reading the newspapers?

I conduct at workshop at my library, that I call “Search the Hidden Job Market”.  I tell people at the workshop that job seekers should be reading the business section of the newspaper daily.  You never know what “hidden” tips you may find.

In the last week, I found a couple of tips.  On Oct 15th, The Denver Post reported that Lockheed Martin was awarded contracts from the fderal government through the economic recovery act amounting to $166 million.  Although the job impact was not indicated, Lockheed could be worth pursuing.

Earlier this year, the kidney-dialysis giant, Davita announced it was relocating its corporate headquarter from California to Colorado.  In the Sunday Denver Post today (10/18), it appears they are looking at downtown locations in Denver.  Although employees in California will be given the option to move, not all of them are apt to accept, right? 

With a little bit of research and determination, these tips could materialize into new jobs for people who are willing to investigate what’s out there.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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