Public Libraries Offer Amazing Resources for Job Searchers & Small Business

Whether you are searching for a job or you are interested in growing your business, your local public library can help.  And, it’s at no charge!  Many of the resources are electronic.  With a library card, a computer, and Internet access, you are ready to use the online subscription databases that the library pays for (with your tax dollars by the way).  These tools can be accessed 24/7 at the library, at home, at your office or just about anywhere with an internet connection.

What will you find?  Most libraries subscribe to a database called ReferenceUSA. Whether you are looking for employers to hire you or looking for new customers or vendors,  you can generate lists of businesses or residences filtered by user-defined criteria.   The data provided includes contact information, names of key personnel, web addresses, business profiles and much more. Records can be easily downloaded to Microsoft Excel or printed.

Some libraries are offering access to sophisticated databases with consumer demographics information.  In Colorado, 4 libraries (including my library, Arapahoe Library District) are subscribing to a service called, BusinessDecision.   Not only do you get the Census type data,  but you will get information about consumer behavior, spending and lifestyle information.  And, all of it is powered by a robust GIS mapping system.  So, you can plot any variable on to a color-coded map.  How cool is that?  It provides you with the kind of information that only big companies had access to in the past. 

Stay tuned for more on libraries.  That’s not all they offer.  But, in the meantime,  have a look at the offerings of Arapahoe Library District.  You will need to be a Colorado resident to use our online resources off-site though with a library card, of course.


About suzanne kaller

Business Librarian at Arapahoe Library District in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Engaged in business outreach and general reference serv

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