The Recovery Act for careers and small business

If you research the Recovery Act on the web, you can spend hours wading through masses of information.  Sounds like the Federal government, right?  The web site, seems to be the proper access point from which to begin. Then, click on the “Opportunities” tab, and you’re going places. 

Click on recovery-related jobs, and you will be directed to a job bank that works fairly well. You can search by keyword, job title, location, agency,etc.  You will be redirected to However, not all the jobs are recovery act -related jobs.  I did find some recovery act -related jobs under the US Dept of Energy and some pretty nice ones at that.  If you can relocate anywhere, particularly to the D.C. area, you might find some interesting positions to apply for.

To find grants, there’s a database on or click on grants from the page.  Simply click on grants search. You can search by keyword, category, by agency or advanced search.

If you are interested in loans, you can click on loans and you will find yourself on It has some clear tables listing the loans available with annotations.  Click further and you should see loan terms and eligibility nicely spelled out.

If you are interested in bidding on Federal contracts, then, click on  You should find long lists of construction contracts.

Let us hope that things are looking up.


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