Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter: What do I do with them?

Some fine friends of mine introduced me to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In and I obliged by setting up my own accounts. Since then, I have said, “Now, what do I do?  I don’t have a lot of idle time on my hands, so, see little need to find things to fill up time.  Facebook appears to be a good way of keeping up with friends, family and any other informal relationships.  It’s been fun to seek out long lost friends, classmates, family etc.  To me, that’s about it for Facebook.  I can’t quite see the professional application of Facebook based on how most people seemed to be using it.

In 140 characters, how much can you say in Twitter unless you link it to a blog or some other social media tool.  That’s what some people do.

Now, that leaves Linked-In for professional use.  Yes, I think I have finally figured it out and it’s all about networking.  You can branch out in unlimited ways and share resources, tips, contacts, and information. 

In WSJ’s, “The Care and Feeding of Network Contacts”, it’s summed up very well. Dipchand “Deep” Nishar, vice president of products at  LinkedIn Corp keeps his personal and pr0fessional networks separate.  It now makes sense to me.


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